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First Principals into Workshops In Person / Online
Our Foundational Workshops will give you some great insights into what motivates your customers to purchase your products and services, as well as what goes into their decision-making process. This can include factors such as branding, positioning, value proposition, available competition, and more. We interpret the data associated with these variables to learn more about, define, and confirm you industry growth.

Your content and messaging tells users about your brand. When potential customers search for you online, they are assessing your credibility and forming an impression. We develop a content strategy to help promote your organization's brand strength and promise.

Milestone Mapping
Milestone mapping is a tool that helps you understand your customer's experience by gathering information about their goals and emotions. The milestone map is a visual representation of the customer's experience that highlights different touchpoints. This information helps you figure out what tasks and features are most important.

Below are a list of the most popular workshops available.

Connect with us for a free 30 minute consultation, and let us help you into a sustainable workflow with our workshops.


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Social Media 101

Learn how to easily manage your accounts, while avoiding all things related to spam, and building a loyalty system without coupons, & discounts. From $250 an hour, minimum 3 hours.

Trending Social Media

Create industry leading strong click through with cloud based apps that generate the most yield for each post. Get hands on training with optional yearly, and lifetime subscription rate from $250 an hour, minimum 3 hours, plus apps vary from $250 a year or $750 for lifetime subscription. 

Blue Ribbon  Verification

Grow locally without fake followers, get revenues from social media channels, and become a trusted member of your local community because of your ethics, and business direction with our coach from $750 for a 3 hour session.

Influencer Growth

Partnerships with like minded followers, promoters, and mirrored audiences help enrich the quality of your business or non-profit while easily qualifying for industry perks that lead to community recognition without stretching your budget. We'll teach you proven strategies that have helped local, national & international growth in an organic financial gain from $750 for a 3 hour session.

Hashtags & Tags

Hashtags and tags will either make or break your business. Learn how to organically reach your ideal customers, community and international reach with weekly and monthly coaching from $250 for a 1 hour session.

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Save 50% off on the Above Workshop online
Book an appointment in the comfort of an online meeting, and save from $150 an hour instead of $300 an hour for each person attending. Some additional discounts may apply for bulk prepayment. 

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