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El Furniture Warehouse is made up of 20 wallet friendly dive bars across Canada, and 1 in Seattle. Everything on the menu is Chef made at $9.95 or less. The uniqueness of these pubs are that every night is a Friday night as their mission statement. 

Booked February 2016 to August 2018.

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Their pubs attract the skate boarding, body tattoo people of the hipsters. On the TV screens there a video loop playing snowboarding, skateboarding, energy drink airplane stunt races, and funny manmade gliders that dive into the water.

Wanted to be well known as the Friday Night every night pub, outside of the wallet friendly menu. 

Unfamiliar with Social Media channels, and approaches they are willing to try anything that will bring in more new customers.

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Created 14 second video campaigns, and distributed them to bartenders and servers to post on their personal Facebook & Instagram profiles.


Train the bartenders, servers, and DJs to leave personal posts at which Warehouse pub they're working at, and a quick selfie of the atmosphere.


Design Video loops featuring the drink and food specials sponsored by the venders.


Partnered with Coca-Cola to introduce some new carbonated drinks as free samples upon the purchase of certain menu menu items that we not selling as well.


Create some hype to bring in some visiting celebrities that were in town from the NHL Canucks, the NBA Raptors, and the CFL BC Lions players.  

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200 Daily Posts on Facebook

300% Increase in foot traffic during the quieter shifts.

50% Increase in Total Daily Sales.


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Some of the staff are nowhere close to being tech savvy to even have a Facebook, or Instagram account. Training them about the technology took much longer at first.

Management recognized me as one of the DJ's and had a hard time to take me serious when I was teaching and training them to improve their social media.

Training the staff to add a CTA after each post, has been a very difficult task. On average only 10% to 20% of the 20 locations follow thru.

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El Furniture Warehouse changed their pre-requisites when hiring new bartenders, servers, and DJs, with a requirement to have an active Social Media account.

Word of mouth promotions has become the best form of effective advertising.

All posts requiring a CTA at the end of each post, and seeing the results, have made it easier for the staff to remember the importance.