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Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a center for marine research, ocean literacy education, conservation, and marine animal rehabilitation.

Booked July 2010 to August 2019 

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The aquarium was looking for a booking with Cruise Cab Pedicabs for the 2010
Vancouver Winter Olympics. Without a reasonable deal for a contract, we offered a proposed discount to the upcoming summer Pride Parade. 

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We were aware that the mascot costume was quite heavy to wear, and also quite hot during a summer parade. Even though its equipped with an eternal cooling system in the head area of the costume.


Instead of closing a failed contract deal in February during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, we devised strategy to work together for the upcoming Pride Parade. This would allow Cruise Cab to be recognized on a National and Provincial scale on television. 

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National, and Provincial recognition during a televised coverage of the Pride Parade on a National and Provincial scale Canadian TV, and some of the American TV Channels.


Flooded with inquiries for that year as many corporations wanted to book the pedicabs to the next few upcoming parades, and commercial events, in referral to the pedicabs at the 2010 Vancouver Pride Parade. Locals also called for tours, hen parties, anniversaries, weddings, and romantic rides.

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First time participation at the Vancouver Pride Parade resulted in a 400% increase in bookings that year, and massive growth for the next 9 years.

When Televised opportunities occur, with mass crowds in the hundreds of thousands, the cost to get noticed, was worth the growth 2 pedicabs, to 10, and another 10, and many more specialized trikes for other special bookings related to festivals, and stuff like that.