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Originally produced in a distillery in 1864 in Moscow, and now owned by a British company Diageo.

Cruise Cab Pedicab Rides & Tours is owned by Rockwell Arts, and Gravity Lounge. It operates separately, managing drivers for rental, and tours. While Rockwell Arts, handles all their corporate booking, and Gravity Lounge manages all the A&E based bookings and audio video content played on the tricycle taxis.

Booking October 2011

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Smirnoff® launches the next Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project with the audacious goal of getting 10 million people to discover, share and swap the most original nightlife experiences in 50 countries. The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is an ambitious attempt to discover the world's most unique and interesting nightlife, culminating in one-of-a-kind experiences on the same night all over the world. 

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Cruise Cab offers VIP free ride service to the select list of people who know the password for a curbside drop-off at the entrance of the designated venue for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange.

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Facebook posts for the pedicabs and the password was shared to those who registered to be at the venue. As well as emails were sent out to those that registered. 

Most people who go night clubbing very rarely ever drive their own vehicle, to avoid the risk of drunk driving. Most of the time its public transit or a cab. 

Cruise Cab Pedicabs were lined up in front of the nearest public transit train stations closes to the venue. 

Passenger were extremely grateful, mainly because it was raining in the evening in Vancouver. No one ever bring an umbrella when club hopping.


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Refused rides to some of the VIP passenger who knew the password, because they were too intoxicated.


Change of security bouncers were unaware of the Cruise Cab pedicab ride service, and refused the drivers to freshen up in the venue during the rain.

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Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange was a success.

The hype created for the location to be a secret till 4 hours before the doors opened, helped. There was still a line wrapped around the building.

Although it was a free cover, Vodka sales were higher than anticipated, because by 11:30pm, they ran out. 

The guests saved time, and money to get to the line up faster, because the pedicabs had their own bike lane without any traffic lights to stop them.