Sustainable Videography

Do you have a knack for video production, and wonder if there's a method whereby you can take your raw video files and convert them into a sustainable financial lifestyle whereby you would collect residual income on a monthly basis?

At Rockwell Arts, we have partnered with the leading News journalism companies, as well as the leading Stock Video libraries to help our students reach a level of a sustainable income source that pays for most of their basic living expenses. Some of our students have begun into the industry and in less than months are earning several hundreds of dollars each month, while our faculty are earning at least $100 a day. There is a learning process required from varying techniques, to varying storyboard designs. All in all, if you are creative, maticulous, and have the patience to learn technical guidelines, then our Sustainable Videography course is for you from a mere $1000 in classes. You'll also need some of the hardware listed below, as well as Davinci Resolve or Davinci Studio.

Minimum Camera Requirements with 1080p 24fps to 60fps

An Android or Apple iOS Phone, with a handheld Gimbal, or

an action camera with a gimbal, or

a DSLR camera with video capability of 1080p or higher, with a gimbal, or An action camera with an integrated gimbal.

Ideal Camera Requirements with 4k 60fps or more

DJI Osmo Action

DJI Osmo Pocket 1

DJI Osmo Pocket 2

GoPro 4 Black or higher

Iphone 8 or better

Sony A6000 or better

Samsung Note 9 or better

Leading Gimbals We Recommend

AOChuan Smart XR

AOChuan Smart XR+

AOChuan Smart S1


DJI RS or Ronin (any model)

Moza AirCross

Moza AirCross2

Moza Mini Mi

Zhiyun Crane (any model)

Zhiyun Smooth4