Portfolio Preperation


Are you a graduate from the fine arts, or a freelance artist, photographer, designer that has the skill-sets, but not an organized portfolio to get the steady flow of work?


This course helps redefine your portfolio outside of the normal type of portfolio. For example, not to put down a Graphic Design College as we respect all design colleges and schools. But the facts still remain that most people who attend a college for a course like Graphic Design will have the exact same portfolio as the other college in town and out of town. What separates our Portfolio Preparation course is that you will be taught how to create relevant portfolio related to your field with weekly design projects for tokays market. The stats are in that 97% of students land a job within 3 months of taking our course in the field that they desire because of our Portfolio Preparation.

This course is made of 10 modules of the following:

  1. Portfolio Preparation Foundation

  2. Portfolio Preparation for the Door Knocking

  3. Portfolio Preparation for Online

  4. Work Flow Design

  5. On boarding Presentations

  6. Client Management

  7. Design Strategy Library

  8. The Psychology of the Interview

  9. The Psychology to close the deal

  10. Self Branding & Marketing


Each Module with this course may take 2 to 4 hours, with a homework workload varying from 4 to 8 hours. This program starts with homework presentation for 30 minutes, 2 hours of learning, and 30 minutes of homework intake preparation for the next module. Should you follow the modules step by step, the cost of the program is $1000 for 20 hours.


Requirements are as follows:

A gaming computer repurposed for video editing and graphic design with at least a 2gb dedicated video ram, with a webcam with at least 720p resolution, an Intel i7 Processor or the AMD equivalent, and at least 16 to 32gigs of Ram.

An android tablet that can play back 1080p videos, or ideally a Windows Tablet with pen and keyboard.

A CRM Subscription or Use the Rockwell Arts Discount for a lifetime subscription for $100.

A Graphic Design Program like CorelDRAW 2021, or use the Rockwell Arts Discount for $300.

A Video Editing Program.

You can use Davinci Resolve. But you might get the water mark on all your projects after a month or three. Or buy the license before the end May, 2021, and it will include the Speed Editor Video Mixer priced at $450, while the software on its own for Davinci Resolve Studio is $450. Therefore the added value is that the hardware is free with the software. Davinci Resolve is not only a video editing app, it also edits raw photos at a fraction of the time than the leading photo editing apps with an impeccable colour grading accuracy.

An Online Social Media Banner Creation App with Management Software. Typically this costs a monthly subscription of $400, but with Rockwell Arts, you might qualify for a lifetime subscription for a one time payment of $400. 

A Phone that can record 4k at 30 to 60 fps, with a gimbal


All Prices Quoted are in Canadian Dollars.