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NorQuest College is a publicly funded community college in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The student body is approximately 11,552 full-time or part-time credit students, and approximately 8,500 non-credit or continuing education students. Approximately 1,600 students graduate each year.

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1. During the COVID19 pandemic the demand for online learning was higher than the teachers available who knew how to use the online teaching Apps.

2. Grant programs for Social Media marketing were at a surplus. If students didn’t spend the funding allotted, the following year, their would be a reduction
for grants funding.

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Add an online profile that had varying online learning classes in Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, The Psychology in Advertising, & Sustainable Self Employment for Freelance Designers. 


Apply for the teaching position at NORQUEST College with a variety of references from clients, and varying tutoring contracts with businesses,
freelance designers, fashion models, and entertainers.


Start online teaching 1 to 1 ratio, and 4:1 ratio with NORQUEST college students based on consistent weekly availability.

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Student allotted into the grant program were unaware of my existence.


COVID19 Pandemic students were overwhelmed to participate with the grant spending into the online learning, verses the canceled in-person classes.

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Satisfied student reviews opened contract for 2022 renewal for online learning on a part-time basis.

College experience teaching opened a few more doors of opportunity with new bookings into other services where street entertainers, djs, and face painters were sub-contracted to an upcoming school year start, and on campus hallowe'en party in the Fall of 2022.