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At Mitsubishi Motors, we see the automotive industry differently. We've challenged convention for more than 100 years with innovative approaches to the way we engineer and build our vehicles. Guided by an adventurous and ambitious spirit and a challenger attitude, our dreamers, designers and engineers are redefining choices in mobility for a whole new generation of independent, modern and savvy consumers.

Booked November 2017

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Mitsubishi Canada allows their car dealerships to operate with their own workflow tools. When leads are generated, they appear in an email inbox related to the postal code of the car dealership in a spreadsheet. Most of the time the content arrives in duplicates, and are distributed to sales people without an audit of who's getting which lead.

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Update current systems to avoid duplicate clients contacted with a CRM, added digital automated phone systems with multiple resources, and added incentive partnerships with related industry sub-prime services to create repeat sales.

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Statistically the new workflow would improve sales by 50%.

Most of the management and sales reps who spent the time learning the new process, found themselves with more free time.

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Management and sales reps were intimidated for the first few months with the new workflow.

Most were passing off their CRM inputs to their inside sales reps, instead of doing it for themselves. 

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In 3 months sales improved up to 50%, and within 6 months an improvement sales growth by 300%.

Overall the locations in West Coast had the highest increase of sales, and repeat business.