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Rockwell Arts
Learning Program

Rockwell Arts has been assisting freelance designers and businesses in advancing their careers since 1988. The organization offers market-driven online programs designed to develop essential skills sought after by top employers.

Rockwell Arts provides an optional flexible class format, allowing students to attend in-person sessions at their studios located across Canada or participate in online classes. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for employed individuals, as it enables them to conveniently enhance their skills or prepare for new job opportunities.

Moreover, all the program content at Rockwell Arts is delivered in English, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. The organization emphasizes the use of factual data to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the educational materials.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Organic Marketing with AI at a Minimal Budget
    Valid for 3 months
    • Understand Social Channels
    • Create Relevant Content
    • Direct AI Machine Learning
  • Best Value

    Digital Marketing Crash Course

    Reach the Masses Effectively
    Valid for 6 months
    • Target Marketing
    • Effective AI Tools
    • Sustainable Success
  • Digital Evangelism

    Get Immediate Growth
    • 5 Day Intense Proven Training
    • Staging the Narrative
    • Simple Outreach Success
    • Experience Immediate Walk-Ins
  • Corel DRAW

    Every month
    Online 1:1 Industry Related Learning
    • Relevant Industry Training
    • Partnership Enhanced Tools
    • Discounts to Industry Apps
    • Training with Industry Leaders
  • Virtual DJing

    Every year
    • 10 Sessions 3 Hours Each
    • Mixing & Mashup Techniques
    • Business Management
    • Steady Booking
  • 100% Google Ads Success

    Every week
    2 Days a Week Training for 3 Hours
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Proven Successful Methods
    • One on One online Classes
    • Practical Relevant Training
    • AI Mirror Audience Reach
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