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The Keg is a Canadian-owned chain of steakhouse restaurants and bars located in Canada and the United States. The original "The Keg and Cleaver" restaurant was founded by George Tidball, in 1971, at a location in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

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The Keg was cold contacted 6 months before the yearly Symphony of Fire on behalf of Cruise Cab Pedicabs. Cruise Cab wanted to participate in the Symphony of Fire as a corporate partner with The KEG because it was their place of celebration.

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Cruise Cab Pedicab drivers were paid a salary to give free rides from the public train station to designated area of at the beaches next to Stanley park, in English Bay, Downtown Vancouver, Canada


Random distribution of $50 gift cards were also given to several dozen passengers.

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The KEG wanted the pedicab tricycle taxis to be fully wrapped. But the City of Vancouver limited advertising to the back of the pedicabs. But with careful negotiation with By-Law Representatives at City Hall, they allowed the advertising on the roof of the pedicabs, because it did not exceed the legal limit.

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Approximately a 35% increase of revenues than the previous years.

Social Media Traffic Multiplied by 300% during the days of the Symphony of Fire.

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The increase revenues by 35% required filtering pedicab rides to a quality type of people that typically was not allows looking for a deal or a coupon when celebrating.