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Since 1988 until now, we have successfully arranged more than 1,000 outstanding DJ bookings, which have progressed from vinyl to digital turntables. In 2002, we spearheaded the karaoke trend by introducing interactive technology that eliminated the need to sift through binders of music or jot down song titles on paper. For each booking, we provide a private website that can be accessed via phone to facilitate song selection and indicate the number of vocalists participating. We also offer wireless handheld microphones together with lyrics displayed on screen for an unforgettable experience. Select any of the packages listed below and let us help you create an unforgettable Karaoke DJ like never before!

Choose from the packages below and let’s make your Karaoke DJ event more epic than ever before.

Text Now 780 680 8187 or drop us a message below with your details.​



Additional Charges for Travel
Outside downtown add an extra $250-$1000* for the following cities:
Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, & Vancouver

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