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National clothing brand to compete with Walmart’s brand called George. Founded in 2006 in Toronto by Loblaws, the largest Canadian grocery chain. Joe Fresh fashion is affordable, and styled with a modern look for all ages who wear their clothing line. 

Cruise Cab is a pedicab company owned by Rockwell Arts, and Gravity Lounge.

Booked February 2011, and 2012.

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Looking to better establish the brand with Social Media and News Paper coverage, by offering free rides from central downtown Vancouver, to the Olympic Torch.

The campaign took place during the anniversary of the 2010 Olympics for 2 years in a row. 

10 Pedicabs with Cruise Cab, and it's sister company Kitty Cab with 10 more pedicabs.

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Offer free rides from central downtown Vancouver to the Canadian Olympic Torch. 

Pay the pedicab drivers a competitive salary, and added a cash incentive to take as many rides and photos as possible, and email them to the management.


Some drivers also received an additional gratuity for their efforts.

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Social Media spike for both the ad agency, and Joe fresh.

The Joe Fresh store down the street also had a significant boost in sales for umbrella's, raincoats, and poncho's during the unexpected rainy day.

Approximated rides offered were 150% higher because of the rain, as most people did not want to walk to the Olympic Torch during a mix of sun and rain.



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Limited access to roads during Olympic Anniversary celebrations.


Because of unexpected road closures, driver were rerouted to their destination.

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Repeat contract with ad agency, 

Corporate awareness spiked local sales for the free standing Joe Fresh Store.

Cruise Cab added a few more corporate contracts that year because of the positive referrals from the Joe Fresh Agency.