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At Rockwell Arts we are beyond thrilled to share with you how we started our roots in the entertainment industry! It all began as an idea to promote DJ bookings with dance troops. One day, while shopping in the Eaton Center, our lead designer AKA DJ Patrick Stallion ran into his eldest brother's girlfriends and asked if they could pose for him for a DJ Promo ad. They nailed it, striking pose like Vogue magazine that caught the attention of Toronto's night club scene. From that moment on, it inspired him to take courses in raw dark room photography back in 1988 and film production on 10mm and 35mm from 1989 to 1991 at York University. There he developed his skills into night club ads for popular venues in Toronto and mobile DJs in his community. HIs photo shoots included video and improv acting, showcasing the beauty of the female form and various aspects of fashion. His work can also be seen on magazine covers, look books, music videos, as well as B-Roll scenes in TV shows and movies.


Whenever our creative team tags a models' online profiles, it's because they want to refer your portfolio with our clients and production studios that we have global partnerships with since the 90s to the 2020's. Therefore giving all the ladies that we consider the opportunity to be considered for viable work related to their portfolio capabilities.


Being a model in a Rockwell Arts photo shoot, and video project also offers photo credit ranging from 1to1 to 3to1, depending on your potential to be an international model or actress. And for those with the confidence to flaunt their talents, we may even consider you for some TFP if your budget doesn't allow for the varying packages listed below.


To consider to be a model with Rockwell Arts & Entertainment, please take the time to fill out your details below the rate list:

And ladies keep it real and always flaunt it while you got it!

Additional Charges for Travel
Outside downtown add an extra $250-$1000* for the following cities:
Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, & Vancouver

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