Social Media Management

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This emersive program will teach you the itermediate to pro level Social Media Platforms that are benificial to ad campaigns that are both organic and paid for content creators, as well as business profile users.


This class dives into the journey of the varying Social Media Platforms, and how they could relate to a diverse or specifc targeted audiences. Learn from the leading platforms and how they can generate organic followers and paid followers, while doing projects that will yield actual improvements to the present workflow of your accounts. Therefore a requirement of both a personal and business account will be needed in order to demonstrate the new found formula creation and development. Also learn how the bots from varyings Artificial Intelegence sniffers work with related target markets, demographics, psychographics, and spending habits of the audience. And master the ad campaign growth by easily predicting the direction of the milestone journey in the following platforms listed below.:


  1. Apple Iphone Apps

  2. Badoo

  3. DeviantArt

  4. Discord

  5. Facebook

  6. FilmAffinity

  7. Flickr

  8. Google Play

  9. HouseParty

  10. Influenster

  11. Instagram

  12. LinkedIN

  13. Meetup

  14. My Space

  15. Pinterest

  16. Reddit

  17. SnapChat

  18. Telegram

  19. The Dots

  20. Tik Tok

  21. Tumblr

  22. Twitch

  23. Twitter

  24. Viber

  25. Vimeo

  26. WhatsApp

  27. Youtube


As Listed from the above verses the list below are a mix of the top platforms that are sustainable. Therefore the course will take your personal and business account to a deeper understanding of these 8 platforms can create a Domino Affect of growth when matched correctly with each post. 


  1. Apple Iphone Apps

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. Google Play

  5. LinkedIN

  6. Pinterest

  7. TikTok

  8. YouTube


After learning how these platforms work together, learn the next level workflow savings of time management, budgeting, and yielding through automated services like the following listed:


  • Ad Words

  • Adobe AI

  • HootSuite

  • Later

  • Zapier and like minded apps.


Then manage each of the platforms to work in specific alignment with the your clients goals of audience reach with a CRM suitable for your time management, invoicing, team management and stuff like that.


This course is typically 20 to 30 hours of online learning, along with 2 to 8 hours of homework for each module. It all depends on how well you are versed with your own time management, and personal goals set with our multi-linear process with your requirements, and the industry standards and the final outcome of convergence. 


Again, this is a reminder that each module takes a minimum of 2 hours of online learning, and an additional 2 to 8 hours of homework between each module depending on how well you understand and apply your learning to the weekly projects. Some modules may require additional hours of learning. It all depends on how honest you are with your instructor of what you understand and don't understand. Listed below are the modules in order:


  1. Platform Foundation 

  2. Platform Designing

  3. Platform Milestone Journey Board

  4. Social Media Design Psychology

  5. Display Design & Psychology

  6. CRM Development Foundation

  7. CRM Building

  8. CRM Calibrating Artificial Intelegence  

  9. CRM Lead Generation & Client Management

  10. Brand Marketing, Evangelism & Public Relations


The Prerequisite for this program are a budget set asside for a CRM of at least $150 a month, and Media Management App System of at least $450 a month. 


Now the advantage of enrolling with Rockwell Arts, are the industry discounts for physical apps, and online apps. Some are Monthly, Yearly & Lifetime Subscriptions.


We recommend that you set asside a budget of $1000 for the online modules at $50 an hour. And set asside another $300 to $500 for your subscriptions. It all depends on when you start your program.


Currently in April 2021, we have a partnership with a few companies for a lifetime Subscription of a total spending of $500 which includes tthe following for a CRM, a Social Media Automation Platform, an online banner authoring app, and an AI Bot to manage your audience. All these Lifetime programs are only available until April 15th, 2021 to limited quantity of users as we have a direct relationship with the founders of these major platforms. 


If you have any questions, please private message us in the contact section. We have a dedicated butto here below in red labeled as "I have More Questions"


All amounts listed are in Canadian Dollars.