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Capital City Church

Non-profit faith based Christian church in the capital city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Congregation size of 72 members. Part of a global network of international churches.

Booked March 2021 to Present

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1. Their social media had single digit likes, and hardly any responses for both Facebook & Instagram. Wanted to improve their social media reach.
2. Looking to increase membership growth. 
3. Help develop stronger church culture.
4. Rebranding a New Identity and Shorter Name. 

5. Immersive online church services to broadcast on YouTube, & Facebook.

6. Educate the members about Social Media Evangelism.

7. Expand to reaching international connections with faith based people and organizations.

8. Create a positive Social Media experience for members, and their friends.

9. Have a strong outreach with local charities related to the community. 

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Establish online awareness on Facebook & Instagram.

Clean up the wording of the descriptions of the 2 Social Media Channels.
Double the Followers from 120 on Instagram.

Create content for at least a month, and post it on cue in advance prior to launch. Train a few people with data mining targeted tags and hash tags.

Create a private Facebook group to connect members with private information.

Separate the Social Media from the church Production team as the "Media Ministry."


Add a Pinterest account upon reaching 240 followers on IG.

Create stronger networks with church culture, and local communities.

Continue to teach and train a few more people with targeted tagging. 

Televise on Facebook when streaming church services.


In 2022, establish a Google Maps listing, with regular posts.

Rebrand the logo, and the purpose for the church website with specific ministry focuses.

Change the content in the new year with every other post with a less than a minute bible devotional, and every other post with Top40 modern Christian, and faith based secular music.

Create an online international evangelism campaign connecting our family of churches on a global scale.

Reach out to local faith based musicians to be featured with every other post.

Create impactful content lined up for IGTV, and FBTV.


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National, and Provincial recognition during a televised coverage of the Pride Parade on a National and Provincial scale Canadian TV, and some of the American TV Channels.


Flooded with inquiries for that year as many corporations wanted to book the pedicabs to the next few upcoming parades, and commercial events, in referral to the pedicabs at the 2010 Vancouver Pride Parade. Locals also called for tours, hen parties, anniversaries, weddings, and romantic rides.

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At first had difficulty motivating member to participate with the varying channels of Social Media, by submitting pictures of selfies, and group gatherings. 

Uncertainty with a separate team called the "Media Ministry" when it came to streaming content without any support during the startup.

Some members are still a little apprehensive to leave comments on social media posts, and to submit pictures of church gatherings.

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12 New Members Added Within a Year,


Several International Churches In The Progress to Switch Into their Community.

Church Members Asking To Be Trained w/IG & FB


New Name: Capital City Church


New Logo Soon To Be Released

Faith based musician are planning on visiting the church to perform, and televise on the varying social channels in the summer and fall of 2022.

Church has agreed to have a weekend training for the congregation to understand how to evangelize with Social Media.

Plans are on the way to have a fund raiser to increase the funding for the Media Ministry, which represents streaming church culture, and content creators to be put on a part-time salary.