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We specialize in custom catering that is designed specifically for your event. Explore themed menus, inspirational food layouts, and decorative food displayed in the theme of the event. Our team are always excited with professional coordinators, planners, ushers, undercover security people, and varying entertainers to take your event to the next level!  


  Minimum 25 People For Each Package Priced For Each Person

with 3 choices to choose from 20 items related to the type of food.  

BRONZE: Brunch From $15

SILVER: Side Order Appetizers From $20

GOLD: Grilled BBQ Skewers From $25

PLATINUM: Paradise Tropical Desserts From $30

DIAMOND: Dinner Buffet from $35


LATNUM: Late After Hours Mini Bundles From $40 

EMERALD: Sleek Savory Seafood From $50

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