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Captain Shawarma is a family owned fast food restaurant, Canadian-owned, and located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It's unique approach to their business model was to give a 5-Star restaurant experience with quality, and service.

Booked July 2021 to March 2022

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Plans to scale growth for the purposes of making it into a Canadian franchise.


Improved social media traffic with 3 weekly posts on Facebook & Instagram.

Increase sales volumes during the slow weekdays.


Recruit, and train new and existing staff members to be proactive when interacting with customers.

Updated TV Menu Boards, and printed menus to follow the theme of flight.

Revamped website, and create a mobile app for in-store order pickups.  

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Photograph and Video all food items, drinks, garnishes, and specials.

Create 3 weekly social media posts for Facebook and Instagram. Every other post a testimonial from Google Maps, and every other post a featured food item, or a special combination.

Improved AD Words campaigns.


Printed seasonal 18x24 posters for Featured Food, & also Employment.

Designed Flyers to distribute to close by businesses.

Developed corporate relationships with suppliers for better pricing.

Created videos for dining room TVs to play cultural aerials, with food specials.

Managed social media responses without an AI.


Revamped website, print & digital TV menus,.

Created partnerships with local charities to increase local business with schools, sports teams, and community charities. 

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Authentic Middle Eastern cuisine at fast food prices, but not at fast food speeds for both in-store dining & pickup, and for delivery services.

Language barrier at times caused customers to get offended at hand written bulletin specials because of spelling mistakes, and honest disregard to racism.

Months before the Christmas holiday season, owners refused corporate catering contracts to serve the hundreds, because most of the family was away on vacation.

As business improved, staff members became negligent to specific details on most orders.

In the midst of inquiries to buy a franchise, the business was sold in it's entirety accept for the logo to a frugal inexperience owner that disapproved of proven successful paid ads on Google.

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Improved ad words campaigns by 300% in a month for in store walk ins with GMB..

CTA from Google Maps increased by 800% for order pickups. 

Systems in place made it easy to successfully sell the business.

Adding a few new items to the menu improved sales to middle-lower class for a smaller combination meal from $12, then to have food combinations limited to $20 or more.

One hybrid software that works with both restaurant owners, employees for scheduling, and customers for no line wait for food order pickups.

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