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You were selected for a potential source of passive income , or as a one-time payment, or as a trade for portfolio (also known as TFP) and that's why you have received an invitation for this link.

Rockwell Arts was established by Patrik Balian (also known as Patrick Stallion), who originally worked as a model for catalogs and runway shows for various clothing lines domestically and internationally. He later expanded his career into parts modeling for commercial work and in some acting roles with varying shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The background experience allowed him to gain an insight into the most profitable avenues for models and actresses to earn passive income while enjoying an opulent lifestyle.

If you become an actress or model with the management of Rockwell Arts, you don't need prior experience as their team will teach you how to pursue the varying types of work best suited to your liking, and there are no up front costs required except your time, and the time from the team at Rockwell Arts.. The video above shows the typical types of stock video work available, while the video below provides the varying types of fashion and pinup model working on video and as stills. All these opportunities are are available to you as long as you are fit, fun, and teachable. 

In order to assist as an applicant with for the Actress or Model roles (also known as an Artists) for our team, we request that you complete the form below as thoroughly as possible. Typically expect a response within 4 days or less.

Girlfriend, let's keep it professional & let's keep it fly! 
Until then you're only as refreshing as you want to Flaunt it all while you got it, ladies! 

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