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Artists & Entertainers

Rockwell Arts consists of proficient artists and entertainers who produce pictures and videos employing various media for your event or merchandise. Our crew can seize each instance of your exceptional day, from the bride's promenade down the walkway to narrating a compelling story about your company. Our goal is to emphasize the emotional connections while highlighting the nuances with an interesting beginning and ending. By capturing the feeling of your brand and service, we intend to draw in viewers who will passionately support it.

The services we provide, along with our initial contract prices and standard details required by our current customers, with additional options, are listed below. Select the package that aligns best with your goals, or schedule a free 40-minute virtual consultation.

Aerial Video

10 Minute RAW File from $250

1 Minute Color Edit from $3200

2 Minute Reel from $5000


From $900

2 Hour Session Includes a

Photographer & Makeup Artist.

Christian Comedian

Christian Clean Comedy

With a Motivational Theme

30 Minutes from $500

Event Video

30 Minute RAW File from $750

30 Minute Color Edit from $25k

30 Minute Short Movie from $50k

Wedding Video & Photo

From $15,000

4 Hour Coverage

30 Minute Reel

Social Media Marketing

Get Original Content Created

from trending vertical Videos

3 posts from $450

Mural Painting

5x5 FT Custom Painting from $5k 

5x10 FT Custom Painting from $9k

10x20 FT Custom Mural from $25k

Red Carpet Photo Booth

10x10 Custom Photo Booth

Hollywood Fashion Photographer

2 Hour Minimum from $1500 

Social Media Training

Learn how to reach your target

Audience with Organic AI Tags

1 hour session from $1500

Book an Artist or Entertainer or Both

We will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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