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Established in 1988 as the local DJ Service in Toronto with dozens of entertainers and promoters that were booking private events, developing brand awareness, personal brand evangelism, gorilla promotional public marketing, talent management, fashion photography, sustainable self employment, musical event videos, corporate product videos, aerial location videography, & concert photography, and videography. In 2004 we moved operation to Vancouver for an easy hub to entertain, and market develop the masses globally, and especially the West Coast of North America.   

Since our inception, our number one priority has been to simply meet and exceed our client’s expectations, and teach our talented team how to duplicate their efforts to a sustainable workflow.

Our success reflects not only in the varying positive reviews we consistently receive after each booking, it's also from the word of mouth testimonials that have continued to build from one booking to 3 more additional bookings during the client project, just merely by recommendations, and our results oriented proof of professionalism. Rockwell Arts has always had a prerequisite mindset to map out the outcome, and create an above industry standard of services.


Year after year, our teams of talented entertainers continue to add the "wow factor" an 11 out of 10 experience. Therefore we strive for above and beyond perfection in everything we do. We're not looking for a short term in & out booking. Instead it's all about creating a long term evolving partnership of shared journey of success . ​

Today with all the many constraints with the pandemic, we haven't stopped. Instead we have evolved to meet with virtual conferences globally, and locally in Edmonton, Calgary, Chicago, Daytona Beach, London, LA, Montreal, New York, Paris, Seattle, Shenzhen, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Do you have a question about our services, or would you like to reach out to us? Just fill out the HOLLABACK form above, and expect a response within 4 days.